The lies we tell pregnant women | Sofia Jawed-Wessel

„When we tell women that sex isn’t worth the risk during pregnancy, what we’re telling her is that her sexual pleasure doesn’t matter … that she in fact doesn’t matter,“ says sex researcher Sofia Jawed-Wessel. In this eye-opening talk, Jawed-Wessel mines our views about pregnancy and pleasure to lay bare the relationship between women, sex and systems of power.

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  1. Wow it's almost as if people care about the fucking baby and want to make sure it is safe so that the human population can continue.
    Also men hate highly sexually active women because of an innate need to make sure it's THEIR genes that are passed on. The standards being bitched about here are based on basic evolutionary processes.

  2. I wish someone would catcall me. These women don't know how good they got it. Buhu someone made a gesture insinuating that they find me attractive and beautiful, better run home to my safespace and cry.

  3. It's actually not well researched whether small amounts of alcohol while pregnant is safe or not. So doctors shouldn't tell a patient it's safe, because we don't know. The doctor can't make assumptions about such things, because it could destroy lives. The doctor should tell his patients there's not much data and that it's at your own at your child's risk. That's probably what most doctors do.

  4. No men don't get punished for raping women, they only get put in jail ruining a big part of their lives forever! And it's not like women ever lie about getting raped making real rape accusations less believable…

  5. have we gotten to the point where we cant have discussions anymore/ giving people chances without both sjws and anti-sjws ruining it for everyone?… yt comments will forever be a travesty

  6. Why is it that ANY time a conversation about issues that effect women comes up it is met with such hatred & divisiveness? The very same people injecting their hate & immaturity are claiming these issues don't actually exist. I would never consider myself a CURRENT "feminist" , but seeing the vitriolic gut reaction in the comments & the amount of down votes, even though the video has only been up 2 minutes, seems to imply that we don't even have the right to converse on these issues.Why is it so offensive to discuss issues that APPARENTLY absolutely exist, to a certain extent. It's quite obvious the majority of people didn't even watch the video in it's entirety, just reacted with complete ignorance.

  7. But in a relationship between a married man and woman, the baby is the man's as much as it is the woman's, and if he isn't comfortable with his wife drinking while she's pregnant, she should appreciate his concerns instead of just doing whatever she wants.

  8. What so you mean the government doesn't punish rapists? There is a thing called jail where they go to for a looong time when found guilty. Yes there are times when rapists aren't found guilty and should but that happens with many other crimes and it's a flaw in justice, nothing to do with sexism

  9. She earned my dislike when she said "objectification"
    In the news a year or so ago, a man launched a foul mouthed tirade against a male stranger… who turned out to be his interviewer. Guess he objectified that man too.

  10. I wish, how I wish, that people who advocate for young fertile women would take a long look around and see how many middle-aged and elderly women are not just marginalized, they are completely dismissed from being seen as persons. I am not talking about the occasional exceptional person whose situation is so privileged that she can run for president. I mean the woman who was a housewife and raised children for long decades, supporting her husband's career, only to find herself disrespected because she isn't young, hot, and with a solid career giving her independence and financial worth.

  11. It is actually sad that there is people thinking like that. We live in 2017 not in 1600's, we live in the world with equality where are more differences between individuals way to think than "idealisms" like feminist etc. It is also sad to hear how sexual attention is destroying the world of women but at the same time being just "cute" isn't enough. I am agreed sometimes world sucks and rights between men and women aren't totally equal in every way but in a whole they match quite well all together. Head up, you are the scientist. Act like one!

  12. I always watch the entire video before I decide if I care enough to like or dislike. I did not like this one because I disagree with things she said. All the strawmen she summoned dislike it as well.

  13. 1 minute in and I hear that rapists don't get punished, pretty sure by law they do WHEN PROVEN GUILTY. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, is it meant to be guilty until proven innocent that talks like this or even OPINIONS like this exist?

  14. WHY does TED suddenly care so much about self-pitying self-victims of a real world… and when did they stop with brilliant Technology-, Education and Design videos?!… this is sad, rather watch Buzzfeed or MTV…

  15. TED: Whoever in your organization who think its a good idea these are being uploaded is a fucking idiot and should be removed from their position. You're killing your channel by uploading this crap.

  16. I don't understand why people make feminism such a negative word…what's so wrong with it?? Do you even know what feminism is? It's the political, social and economical equality of the sexes…what is so negative about a person wanting equality amongst the sexes? Why is it that In this society men's feelings, opinions or actions mean more than a woman's? People are so closed minded, you would think at this day and age everyone would be open and more understanding, but then again look at the bullshit president we have..

  17. Sofia Jawed-Wessel is amazing. Everything she said is so powerful. To add to her mention of abortion, it just struck me how strange it is that the two sides and pro choice and pro life. It should be called pro women and anti women. Not wanting women to be able to chose and control their bodies is unbelievably sexist. The debate doesn't even have to do with life and babies. It has to do with male privilege.

  18. She said absolutely nothing that deserves an audience. Women are far less oppressed and objectified than people like her try so desperatly to inform you of. Women largly have it made now compareds to men especially in this time period. There is a whole lot of entitled gold diggers that even think that they can call rape after they consented just because they were too drunk to drive. Women can largly live for free if they play there cards right, and the deck is pretty much handed to them



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