Rose George: Inside the secret shipping industry

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Almost everything we own and use, at some point, travels to us by container ship, through a vast network of ocean routes and ports that most of us know almost nothing about. Journalist Rose George tours us through the world of shipping, the underpinning of consumer civilization.

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  1. there are ppl who are more than aware of the sea! What about the entire African continent? Perhaps, the west isnt, but the rest of Asia, Africa and Australasia more than depend on the sea for many of the things we use…

  2. Thousands of years, Shipping has always been very crucial to our life. It improved our commerce, military might, economic well-being and distributing goods across the world. In this wonderful insightful talk, Journalist Rose George gives first hand account what Shipping is all about and how its increasingly important even in this technology driven world. Highly recommended for everyone. 

  3. Shipping industry has had deep impact over the entire human history and far from diminishing, our present life is impacted by logistics and seafreight industry more than ever. Every large city and economic center in the world has been firstly a hub port.

  4. All that profit and none spent on guns and missiles? Atleast some 50 cals. Weapons will not solve piracy but I'm pretty sure it'll be another obstacle for these pirates. Let's make it harder for them to attack cargo ships. Maybe they'll go back to their roots, by looking for buried treasures!

  5. So there's a terrible lack of regulation and law enforcement. Sea = nobody's land. Air pollution, sound pollution, outlaws/pirates, unsolved hostage crisis, labor exploitation. It's like traveling back to the 19th century. Too much neglect from the corresponding authorities. Something must be done.

  6. I was a little surprised at the beginning where she said that people see shipping as being archaic.  I don't know anyone who thinks that, or would think that.  We see everything is made in other countries, and we know that they don't get here by teleporters (yet).  As for the names of the companies, the reason they're not commonly known to the average consumer is because they don't advertise to the average consumer.  Shipping companies like Maersk advertise to companies, while Microsoft advertises to average people who want to buy a computer for their home or office.

  7. at time 8:23 sustainable shipping was stopped dead when they outlawed nukes on ships…thorium nuke on ship = zero carbon emissions, thank you jane fonda
    Put thorium pebble reactions on the 30 biggest ships = global zero emissions for that Large segment of the transport sector….

  8. 15 of the largest ships equal the same amount of pollutions as all the cars in the world?  WOW!  and.. the fuel burned in these ships is basically one step up from asphalt grade crude? wow!  This information is important..Why don`t they rebuild all these ships with an electric powered motors system? The movement of the ship alone crossing the oceans would be enough to turn turbines generators to charge battery to store enery in battery banks to run the motors thus a cheap free source of clean fuel. ( I`m pretty sure amtrak has been using the electric train motor system for 40+ yrs AND I`m not talking about the overhead wires electric train system either../ the wheels can turn turbines generators as the train is moving alone… 

  9. This was like a talk by a naive 8 year old beholding the world for the first time. Everyone of average intelligence knows shipping is how things move. The bar is low it seems for TED talk speakers.

  10. Hair and tude = a lezbo nice to see Ted tipping it;s hat to the pop
    culture craze on making nasty bad foul mainstream next its going to be 2 vyjayjay, Aids Chimps, people who got surgery to get two
    aholes, people who got surgery to defecate from their noses etc
    It's the World running on Jewish philosophy one all thats good normal, beautiful for themselves and the other which involves
    tearing down Christian ideals number one being no "usury"
    and destruction of the family nucleus

  11. I was the 666th like for this video and more than that I'd like to be a pirate since she had pointed out what a profitable business practice it is! Aside from all the sailor stories she needs to work on her stand up comedy delivery! She holds back when she gets to the punch line!

  12. Preachy, and obvious. You can see the beginnings of another ill considered "green" crusade as a bunch of TED hipsters take on another pet cause.

    The speaker herself was brave enough to get on the ship, which was good – it's just too bad it was all wasted on worrying about the whales.

  13. motorsail ships would be one way to go, and of course using electric motors instead since their tourqe is beyond oil piston machines.
    Norway is testing ships powered by methane fuel cells, electric charging could also be done via offshore Windturbines, it should be alot easier to shelter noice from the electric motors too.

  14. Of course taxation in Denmark does make this a bit difficult but if we create a legal loophole which favours green or should i say blue shipping) it would be considderet a minor problem some good shocking campains about children inhaling the toxic fuemes is also a good way to play with peoples conscience


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